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Search Results
The VHA displays search results five to a page with a small amount of information about each result. The search results can be sorted by any of their attributes using the pull down menu above the results. They can also be saved to the "Projects" section of the VHA.

Remember that keyword searches return results by testimony segment rather than by testimony. More than one segment from the same testimony can be included in search results. People and Biographical search results return one result per testimony.

In order to view a video, the file must be transferred from the VHA’s storage system at USC to the local cache server at RENCI. Most videos are transferred in 15 minutes to one hour and all are guaranteed within 48 hours. If you see the words  "Viewable now" while browsing your search results, then the testimony is already on the local cache server. Click on the result to the video will start automatically.

Viewing Screen
The Viewing Screen  is the interface for viewing video testimonies. To the left of the screen, is a link to request a video (for those not cached locally). When you request a video from USC or another site, you will receive an email when the transfer is completed. Once the video is transferred, return to the viewing screen and the video will begin playing automatically.

To the right of the video window are links to choose "Video" or "Slide Show" The video is automatically selected if the testimony is in the local cache and will start playing when you click on it. If the "Slide Show" link is selected, or if the video is not immediately available, a slide show made up of stills from the video will display in the video window. Below these two links is a drop-down menu that allows a choice of tape number. The videos are recorded in half-hour tapes. An average testimony will contain four to five tapes depending on the length of the testimony. During playback, the video player will automatically transition from the end of one tape to the beginning of the next. The time code in the video window will always show the time lapsed and the total time of the tape.

Directly below the video window is a text window that displays indexing and catalog data. This window can be made larger by clicking the "Maximize/Minimize Data" link at the top of the column just to the right of the text box. The column of links to the left of the text box controls which data are displayed inside the text box.

The links to the right of the text box allow for some basic navigation within the list of search results. The second and third links will read "Next Segment" and "Previous Segment" if the search results are in segment form and allow you to move through segments in your search results. The links will read "Next Testimony" and "Previous Testimony" if your results are displayed in testimony form (i.e. results from a Biographical or People Search). "Back to Project" returns to the Project section, "Choose New Search" returns to the Advanced Search Menu and "Save to Project" saves the current testimony to either a new or an existing project.

The Projects section allows users to save and organize lists of search results as well as individual testimonies. A link to the Projects section is in the link bar at the top of every VHA screen. A list of search results may be saved as a project, which means it will always be available in the Projects section. Individual testimonies may also be saved as projects and new lists and testimonies can be added to existing projects.

The Projects section also gives users the ability to run additional searches on selected lists of search results. This can be done from within the Projects page by clicking on the "Search Within Project" button.