About History Value Using the VHA  

The Value of the VHA

The VHA video testimonials are intended to teach students about the Holocaust, help students, faculty and staff conduct research on the Holocaust, World War II and related issues, and generally promote tolerance and respect by bringing to life the tragic human costs of ignorance, intolerance and hatred. The VHA has been used to supplement coursework and research in a wide range of disciplines, including history, anthropology, linguistics, religious studies, art, computer science and film.

The Shoah Foundation also collaborates with other institutions and organizations to develop educational materials, curricula, films, etc, based on content from the archive.  Renci is also hoping to work with educators in the Triangle area to develop educational programs based on this resource.  If your group is interested in working with RENCI or with the Shoah Foundation directly, contact Leesa Brieger (leesa@renci.org).