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Welcome to the World’s Largest Video History Archive
The University of Southern California Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive is a video archive of testimonials from Holocaust survivors, witnesses and liberators.

An important historical resource, the archive includes nearly 52,000 video testimonies collected in 32 languages and from 56 countries by the USC Shoah Foundation Institute.

RENCI (Renaissance Computing Institute) reached an agreement with the USC Shoah Foundation to bring the archive to North Carolina campuses. RENCI provides enterprise servers, local storage space, the necessary bandwidth to use the archive and a Web front end for the archive. With support from its university partners in North Carolina, the archive is available to faculty, staff and students at the following institutions:

  • UNC Chapel Hill
  • UNC Greensboro
  • Duke University
  • NC State University

The general public may access the archive from any of these campus networks.

It is our hope that access to this important historical resource can enhance many areas of learning and research in history, language, literature, art and the sciences.











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